The freshest review of my second book Twin Suns of Carrola!
"In Twin Suns of Carrola, the author continues revealing the story of an extraordinary Captain Anit'za, his unusual crew, and their numerous adversaries. Whether you are a casual reader, picking up the book on an occasion, or a veteran bookworm like myself, you will undoubtedly find yourself deeply immersed in the most fascinating world of exceptionally written science fiction. Through following a skilfully crafted plot, you will become familiar with a vast and complex Universe, teeming with extraterrestrial life forms engaged in trade, war and politics on an intergalactic scale. While following the story, you will get to know a number of exceptional unique characters, with a variety of personalities, special abilities, not to mention very diverse alien origins.
Where beings from different planets, with different cultures, beliefs, and often conflicting interests meet, there's likely to be a war. Only a few amongst great many sci-fi writers, posses the ability to write about war with all its horror and all its glory in a way that doesn't deflate reader's spirit or induce nightmares, but instead, through balancing between descriptions of death, suffering, and gore, and extraordinary examples of courage, loyalty and selfless sacrifice, takes you, the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride, through which you will grit your teeth with anger only to tear up reading of utter benevolence, mere seconds later.
It is customary to leave the best for the end, and I enthusiastically adhere to this tradition. So here it comes:
The battles.
Do you remember when as a kid, you'd read Tolkien's descriptions of glorious battles, with dwarves, wizards, dragons and so on? Do you remember yourself, wide-eyed, your head steaming as your imagination attempts to render magical battlefields, your mind and soul so captivated that you'd forget to eat lunch?
It's much like that, only better. Your imagination will work on overdrive without a doubt. The ever-expanding battlefield, ingenious tactics, and technologies deployed, as well, as most surprising plot twists, will leave you speechless." https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HFCQC7C
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