Another dream I had the night before:

My dream was about Melinda's Pathways Concert. But here's the best part, it may be something I truly love, but it made it exciting for me. I was being followed by a video game monster that was trying to attack my performance (A reference to people who hate our Pathways concert) and I was getting away from it. However, being the person that I knew about time traveling, I saw a portal machine that can instantly take me back in time much quicker than any machine that exists in this dimension. Immediately I knew I had to change the past to make it even better. And I used the time machine to go back to the year 2014, where it was starting to take off, and I ran over to my younger self and I helped my younger self in order for the performance to go on. He wasn't wearing headphones at the time but I gave him my V-Modas for him to keep. He liked it very much and used it in the performance, much better than any headphones he would come across. Once the DJ part was done, the monster appeared again, and I ran extremely fast back to the time travel machine and time traveled back to the year 2012 to help with the necessary tasks to make the concert more extravagant, and what I made it occur became so exciting, even the crowd were hypnotized and had soo much energy (like a child) that the whole area was jumping up and down to the electronic music that IN inserted into Melinda's computer and it was F***** awesome. You don't know how much happiness I had in this dream. Once everything was exactly how I wanted it, I traveled back to the future in the year 2017, where it was my last performance. I inserted a new single from us that both of us made before (and showed it to Melinda before and loved it), and we played it out to the audience. Just like from the past, lights going berserk, crowd all jumping, even if they are very old, everyone following our movements, thanks to the video that hypnotized them to follow us, and at the end of the concert, everyone wanted us to do autographs with them. It's one of the best dreams I've had since The Mario Party 5 and Winter Olympics seeing the jersey devil and cryptids dreams back in 2006 and 2017 together.