My dad and I use to exercise every week from October until February. After that though, all of a sudden, dad's having a time out throughout the next few weeks from it, leaving my mom and I to do the exercises. But even my mom, after her nauseous stomach surgery, can't even do the other hard exercises I can do (ham curls, more leg lifts, more calf raises, certain chest, back, and arm exercises for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

And most of the time, my older brother doesn't bother joining (even though he goes to west virginia to do carpentry and heavy equipment. That takes a few months of exercise just to do it). I did take a week off before starting up again this week and the next coming weeks. I might have to dock some weights for certain exercises because they may be too heavy (once in a while I do try a tiny bit heavier weights, but not much).